Monday, 13 June 2011

Zombie Lord of All

What do you think about when you think about zombies? What are they like? Though zombie movies vary in the traits of zombies (some are fast, some slow), there are certain characteristics that are common. First there is usually an original zombie that starts the epidemic and then it spreads like wildfire. A zombie is someone who was dead and is now alive. A zombie is someone who lacks sense and is obsessed with only one thing (usually brains), a mindless drone. And when I first look at these things I wonder if that is how the world sees Christians. Jesus was the start of it all from where the infection of Christianity spread. He died and then came back to life. That sounds kinda like a zombie to me. People are bitten by other zombies and become Christians who are mindless drones that can't think for themselves (mind you, I'm talking from a worldly perspective). And it has been spreading for millennia now and every attempt to extinguish it has failed utterly. In this way, Jesus might be described as the Zombie Lord of All. That is what I'm sure the world sees when they look at us, but let me tell you what I thought about after that.

In truth, I think its exactly the opposite. I look at the world and I see billions of people who are deceived. There is life out there to be had, but they still walk mindlessly in their sin and death. They are the walking dead, and that is the most basic meaning of a zombie. They are dead and they don't even know it. They go about their days without purpose and insight into the true nature of the universe, themselves, and God. Then we consider Jesus and how he approaches the diseased and walking Dead. He died and defeated death. In truth he created a cure for zombiism which sheds light on purpose and removes the haze of mindlessness. He is in fact the exact opposite of a zombie and is the only way to cure the condition. It all depends on perspective. From the world Jesus will be seen as the cause of zombies, but from the perspective of God, the Church, the Truth, he is the cure for zombies. Just an interesting thought that was much harder to express than I thought it would be.

For His Glorious Name,

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