Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Coming and Going

I wonder how Paul's family reacted when God met him on the road and he became a follower of Christ. Who was he close to? How did his relationships change? When he left to travel and preach the Gospel, what ways did they confirm his calling or seek to divert it? Tomorrow I'll be leaving and heading back to school up in Canada. I'll make a quick stop off in Auburn to run with Jake, then drive to Idaho where my friend Kyle lives with his wife Amanda (also a good friend). Then a quick overnight drive to Seattle to drop off my mom at the airport (she offered to drive overnight so I could sleep) and up to Langley for some meetings at CanIL getting ready for Summer @ CanIL where I'll be TAing this summer. Now that I've set the picture I wonder the things previous and how Paul felt about leaving those he loved. I've always lived with a level of detachment from people and things. Most of my life I suppressed my emotions, and that has left me in a place where for the past few years as a follower of Christ I've been wanting. I've worked hard to understand and stop suppressing my emotions, but its a long road. So when I say I don't miss people when I'm gone from them, its not for lack of deep relationships. I've learned to make those deep relationships with my family and seek every opportunity to spend time with them and have also made deep relationships with people like Jake and Kyle. But I have to admit that I am still deficient in these areas. Maybe that is for a reason, since both times I've been to Tanzania and the time I've spent away from those I love, I have never been homesick. Well, to be honest there was one moment while I was in Tanzania where I saw a young man with Down's Syndrome and for those few moments severely missed my dear sister Dawn. Beyond that though, I've never been homesick. Maybe its because I'm emotionally deficient. Maybe its because I believe and feel like my true home is in the Kingdom of God, so I'm either always in a state of homesickness, or not homesick at all (its hard to say being a uninterrupted continuous state). Maybe it is because I was created to be a voice among the voiceless to bring the Gospel of Christ to those who do not yet know it. Maybe its a combination of all these things. Whatever it may be I doubt I'll ever know for sure, but one thing is sure, I'll be coming and going for the rest of my mortal life here on Earth.

For His Glorious Name,

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