Saturday, 11 June 2011

Back to Canada

If you are one of the 3 people that read this blog, then just be aware that I won't ALWAYS pester you with my deep thoughts, I also pester you with some of my personal life! With that said, I'm back to Canada and my life there. Wednesday I took off from home with my Mom (who volunteered to come and drive overnight Thursday night so I could sleep because I had meetings starting Friday morning but also plans to spend all day Thursday with my best friend Kyle in Boise, ID). On our way through Auburn we stopped off at the Confluence and I joined Jake for one last run. We decided to do K2 three times. We took off the first one as Jake decided to go for a PR, which he accomplished with an 11:06 split. I don't know exactly where I was because I haven't been wearing my watch on runs lately (intentionally). I always immensely enjoy my painful runs with Jake who is an intense and amazingly talented ultra-runner. He is also a strong believer with a heart for missions, so our conversations on our runs are always encouraging and challenging.

We took off and I drove most of the way to Boise (except for a short stint where my mom stole the driver seat while I was using the restroom and getting a sandwich from Subway). We got to Boise and showed up where Kyle has been housesitting for a couple on their honeymoon. Kyle and I joked around and talked until around 1:30 in the morning. Luckily my mom was tired enough (less than 3 hours of sleep the night before) to sleep through our jesting as I can be very loud when I laugh.

The next day was great to spend with Kyle and Amanda. I helped out at their church's VBS that they were in charge of (their church would be an amazing place to play hide and seek). Kyle and Amanda are heavily involved in that church and are basically the youth ministry leaders. Oh, almost forgot to mention their housemate and friend Jessy who was a fun individual. She works in assisted living homes so has a pretty erratic schedule, but she got to spend most of the day with us. We all five of us went out to a breakfast shop for lunch where Kyle wanted me to try the Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast. It was interesting and tasty. We went back to the house and did various things like letting the 4 dogs out of the house. There were 4 dogs there, 2 cats, 2 bunnies, and 2 donkeys. Kyle and I went to interact with the donkeys. The dominant one, Triumph, is a female that basically wants all the attention that the other one may get. This one isn't all that skiddish and pretty quickly allowed me to pet her and brush her. The other one, Samaria, was much more skiddish and never did let me get close to her. Eventually we got on Triumph and held on to ride her to get her used to the idea. She didn't really like the idea, but after a little while got used to it, or was just tired, not sure which. After we were done with the donkeys we went around town and he showed me a few things like the home they'll be staying in when the owners of the house they're staying in now return, the school he recently graduated from, driving past some park areas, and visited a few minutes with a friend that he knew well and I had met at Kyle and Amanda's wedding. We went back to the house and decided to explore the basement and see if there was anything we could play with. We eventually found some badminton and croquet stuff. After batting around a birdie for a few minutes until it broke we decided to do something more productive. We starting pulling the weeds that were everywhere underneath the hammock they wanted to clear out. We were just buying time since Amanda was at piano lessons (well, actually, lessons about how to give lessons). We went out to dinner after she returned and had a good joking around time. After returning it was time to leave and that was too bad but it was 10 PM and I had a 10AM meeting in Langley with about a 10 hour drive.

So I slept as my mom drove and she dropped herself off at SeaTac Airport. I then continued on northward to Canada, got to my home there and dropped everything off and got ready for the day. Lots of orientation and team building stuff happened. After all of this logistical stuff I went home to meet up with my 3 roommates whom haven't all been together since January. We decided we'd have a good night and went to some friends' place, watched the end of the Canucks game and had dinner (pizza). We returned home and I was as tired as I've been in a very long time. I was out pretty much in seconds upon lying down on my section of the floor. I feel blessed to have these friends and family and my intention is to glorify God through these relationships.

For His Glorious Name,

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