Sunday, 7 August 2011

How to Make a Man Humble

Every time I have the privilege and responsibility of preaching I am humbled. Today I preached at The King's Community Church in Langley, BC. The Pastor is away in Cameroon and a few weeks ago asked me if I could preach this Sunday. I agreed. Whenever I have preached whether it be at my home church in Fairfield, CA or in Tanzania I go into it with an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. I go into it knowing that everyone there is hoping to hear some revelation and truth for their lives and I feel like a vessel completely unworthy of delivering something like that. I don't think I could ever be a full-time preacher, i.e. a Pastor. I wouldn't last long. But maybe thats the point? A man who preaches and preaches well should be aware of the weight of his words and that either the Spirit will take over on what he's saying, or he will fail miserably. Though it wouldn't be true of every man, for pride can sometimes be greater than the lesson, but if you have an honest man the easiest way to promote his humility is to have him preach a sermon.

For His Glorious Name,

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