Sunday, 14 August 2011


What makes you feel significant? We all seek our significance in one way or another. Inherent in our nature is a sense of our purpose and meaning. It is truly tragic when we meet or hear of someone who has lost all sense of significance. They are truly to be pitied, because within all of us is the desire to be recognized as important, as significant. We do it in many different ways. Some of us rely on our achievements, hoping that we will be remembered for the great things we have done. Others look for it in their relationships. That is a complicated one because there are so many ways for relationships to make us feel significant. We can feel significant from our spouses, children, friends, social groups, etc. But what significance do any of these truly hold?

When I think about something such as evolution I realize that if I believed in it I personally could not continue to exist. Everything would become meaningless. I would lose all of my significance and desire to live. Its because I am forced to look at everything in big picture form. I see the whole universe and how small I am compared to it. My actions, my relationships, everything is meaningless in such a grand scale.

Even though I don't believe in evolution, there is still that issue to deal with. With the universe being so big and grand, and having a God who created it and is even bigger and grander, I have to wonder at why my existence is significant. Why am I important at all? Ultimately God doesn't need me. He can do everything he wants to do without me being here. But thats just it, he chooses us. He has chosen me for His kingdom and given me significance. He doesn't need us, but He chooses us. Through His significance as creator of all things, He has imputed His own significance upon us through the cross. Ultimately its not about what we ourselves do or who we know or who we love that gives us significance. It is quite the opposite. It is about what He has done, and that He knows us, and that He loves us that gives us significance, meaning, and importance. So much so that it is impossible for any of us to fully grasp the breadth of it. And I am grateful. And I will worship Him forever.

For His Glorious Name,

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