Monday, 8 August 2011

Great Minds

Today, as I ate lunch, someone said, "Great minds think alike." And I started thinking about that statement. Most of the time my initial thought is, "Great minds think for themselves." But that isn't entirely accurate either as many people who have thought for themselves have led many others astray and done some of the most harm to others. Plus, if you think about it, just because you think the same thought as someone else doesn't mean both your minds are great. If the assertion that similarity of thought equals similarity of greatness is true, which I wouldn't necessarily assert. But even if it is, then that doesn't prove the minds are great, only that they are similar. One might accurately say, "Insane minds think alike," or "Baffled minds think alike" and still follow this paradigm. This eventually leads to the question, "What does a great mind think?" And I think the only satisfying answer is truth. A great mind will neither necessarily think like others nor for themselves, but rather understand and think about truth, namely Christ. A great mind thinks like Jesus. In my understanding, that is what defines a great mind.

For His Glorious Name,

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