Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Provision for the Flesh

This is something that we have a very hard time with in North America. Not to downplay its hold it has on humanity as a whole, but we've taken this one to an art form. What I mean is our various modes of entertainment. We have TV shows and Video games that allow us to fantasize about the darker parts of our nature. For a while I watched the show Dexter. It was a short while, but in that short time it was more of an obsession. I watched an entire season in less than 2 days. I started having dreams where I was a serial killer. What bothered me the most is that it didn't bother me.

There are tons of other ways we make provision for the flesh. For me playing video games opened all sorts of doors to pornography, violent thoughts, and all sorts of sinful desires that humanity is prone to. I had to give up video games, specifically MMOs that were wreaking havoc in my heart, mind, soul, body, my whole life. But did I truly entirely give them up? In my free time just an hour ago I was playing a small little online game from called Mastermind where you are an evil mastermind bent on conquering and destroying the Earth. It is a little strategy game, and yet why was I even playing it? I can't give a clear answer to that. Really it just comes down to given in to the passions of the flesh and giving a few inches in an area where I know I should not give any ground. I am thankful to God for the massive progress I've made in these areas, but the battle is not over and each day it is being fought in new ways.

One thing I've noticed is when I begin to connect with Jesus and his will, things like these fade into the background where I don't even understand why I would give them any serious thought. When I am worshiping my King I do not wish I was at home playing some online game. The thought of games or TV shows or anything like that never even enters my mind. Its entirely a non-issue. But its not just about the worship music, but rather connecting on some real level with my Lord which changes from moment to moment. Sometimes I can be listening to the best worship music in the world and be preoccupied with some vulgar thought. Its not about the act itself but in my state of mind and connection with God. If I could give you a formula for how this could happen consistently I would. But there is no such formula. I just pray I can keep my life centered on Christ as much as I can and flee from the areas where I have given provision for the flesh in the past.

For His Glorious Name,


  1. Commit your works unto the Lord and your thoughts will be established- Proverbs 16:3

    I keep clinging to this verse, as it is indeed true and proved in my experience. I still do silly things plentifully but I know whom I can rely upon. 2 Timothy 1:7 is a verse which I have often heard in relation to boldness, but it is especially encouraging to me that God considers it important to have a sound mind, and heartening to know that it is the unchanging God who gives us the spirit of a sound mind, among His power and love.