Friday, 15 July 2011

Luke Warm Universe

Anyone who has any semblance of education in Physics is familiar with the concept of Heat Death. This is the theory that states the universe has its ultimate end in the balanced state of no thermodynamic free energy. It means nothing can be moving or exerting force. When a body exerts force or uses energy it is taking a set amount of energy available and using it in two ways. Either it is doing some kind of work, or it is released in heat, which is useless energy. Eventually all of the free energy will dissipate based on the first and second laws of thermodynamics, namely the conservation of mass and energy in the universe, and that any system tends toward thermodynamic equilibrium, or entropy. I was thinking about this concept and Revelation as pertains the Laodicean church. I reflected on the current trend towards postmodernity and the general acceptance of all beliefs and ways of life. All of these to me look a lot like a tendency towards heat death in the spiritual realm. Now I'm not going to develop any long analogies or theories, but just want to point out they are oddly similar in many ways. Even our personal lives act in a similar way. If you are a Christian, you likely remember the passion with which you served, loved, worshiped, and followed Christ at the first. Do you still have the full force of that passion? Most don't. I pray every single day for God to give me more passion for Him and His Word, because I know without the infusion of His Spirit, life, and energy I cannot sustain anything. Because in the physical universe we occupy, unless something comes in from the outside and changes us and our situation, we are heading towards a long slow heat death.

For His Glorious Name,

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