Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Keeping our mouths shut is something humans have a lot of trouble doing in general. Especially for anyone who knows me I talk quite a bit and have an opinion on just about everything. I'm the guy who has to answer every question in class and wants to be the one to explain, which I am sure is a hassle to everyone else. Its something I'm working on, but its a long way in coming. But there is a much more difficult circumstance to keep silent, in the face of accusation. My natural inclination is to defend myself and set the record straight, especially if the accusations someone makes are untrue. Whatever the motive for these accusations, sincerity, to get under my skin, to retaliate against me or someone else, or whatever it may be it is the most difficult time to say nothing. And yet that is exactly what Jesus did. He made no statements to rebuke the lies being hurled at him during his "trial". I can't even imagine how infuriated being accused in such a way would make me. It boils my blood just thinking about it. I need to keep my mouth shut. I need to learn to be silent and listen. I need to temper my desire to defend myself with the knowledge that the true judge knows the false accusations made against me and the sins that have never been accused by another human. I don't have to defend myself, because Jesus already has.

For His Glorious Name,

Added 5/19/11
I also was thinking that perceived accusations have the same effect. Sometimes we think we're being accused or our own conscience is accusing us and we start to defend ourselves against someone, often whom we love because of our own inward accusations. When I do this I get so angry with myself because then I hurt those that I love. Even more reason for me to learn to keep my mouth shut.


  1. love it. keep it coming. I may have to trade Oswald Chambers for Jason Carwile from now on:) want to meet in the confluence (where I parked last time) at 10am this Thursday?

  2. Sounds like a good time and place to me. I'll see you tomorrow!