Thursday, 17 January 2013

A short thought on gun laws

Well, its all around out there. A big debate about gun legislation. Obama's dictation concerning restricting access to guns and ammunition. And I have to ask myself the basic question. Do laws ever prevent anything?

No they don't. Laws set up the legislation and right to punish when they are broken. They allow for a judicial system to deal with those who break the laws. But they never EVER prevent crimes. Read the Bible a bit. God set up the most magnificent judicial system and set of laws conceivable. Yet we ALL break those laws. Thou shalt not bear false witness. We've all broken that one. In fact we've all broken most of God's laws. That is why we are all condemned to die as sinners and can only find salvation through Jesus. But the more intricate a legislative system the more breaking of laws it produces.

That doesn't mean laws are bad. Having laws are not inherently bad. What are the content of those laws are what determines good or bad laws. So the question ultimately comes down to whether gun legislation is good or bad. But the problem I have with it even before we get to determining that is the fact that the whole argument is based on the prevention of crime. If laws never prevent crime, then having that as your primary motivation for a law is inherently erroneous and foolish to begin with.

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