Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Approaching Marriage

Its coming closer. Only a couple months away. But the waiting is getting harder. The distance is that much more agonizing. I get to talk to Brenda almost every night, but our longing for one another grows deeper and stronger making the time and distance that much harder. It doesn't help that my schedule has lightened up either. Track is over so no commitments there. Comprehensive exams have been taken so no more worries there (well, I don't know whether I passed yet or not!). Its a few seemingly minor details for me and in one month I can finally go to Montana to be with my beloved. But then theres still another month!

In that month we'll be going up to Canada for Eric & Gisela's wedding. I'm sure that will serve to increase our desire to be married as well. I can only imagine the mixture of desire, longing, expectation, excitement, and all other kinds of emotions that will be present in those last few weeks. Its no wonder marriage is one of the pivotal parts of what it means to be human. Birth & Death are things that every human shares, but marriage is almost a universal too. There is no culture that doesn't practice it in some form. I look forward to the day when Brenda ceremoniously walks down that aisle and we are united, one and forever. It will be truly something to remember for the rest of our lives. May the Lord bless us with long memories.

For His Glorious Name,

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  1. Hopefully a long aisle won't be one of them!