Thursday, 17 November 2011

I am a simple man

I imagine that such a statement will sound the opposite of true to many who know me. That is simply because I have a complex mind. I am always thinking, and today a class in Ethnography has given me many lifetimes worth of material to think about. It is a class that I both love and hate because of this.

So how can I say I am a simple man? Because of the complexities of thought and reality all around me that is all I am capable of being. I think until exhausted and never come to a concrete conclusion because there is always another angle, another perspective to be considered. There is always something I'm not aware of or some argument that contradicts my perspective, and I have no way to refute it. I look at my life and using the metaphor of a house it is a broken run-down shack in need of repair and attention, but do not have the means to do anything. I say I am a simple man because ultimately I must strip away all the complexities and return to the basics. I can only start with Christ. He is my rock and my salvation, without Him my house would be built on sand and whether I had myself all together or not, that house would fall. So I start there, with one simple fact, one truth that I must construct my life around. What is the greatest commandment? Love God, and the second is like it, Love others. When life gets complex and I realize my incapability of holding it all together, I need to return to my simple roots. Its ultimately all I can do.

For His Glorious Name,

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